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For one hour will get rid of all insects with a guarantee

From 550 ₴
Safe for children and animals
For one hour will get rid of all insects with a guarantee
From 550 ₴
Safe for children and animals
Departure of Disinfector already through an hour after a request
You are able to enter an apartment or an object already through an hour after treatment
100% guarantee of mosquitos and rodents destruction (at the terms of implementation of all recommendations)
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Desinsection is the procedure of treatment with the aim of elimination of insects that live in gardens, parks and seating areas. Mosquitos, horse-flies, mites can be classified as sanguivorous(blood-sucking).

The specificity of fighting with mosquitoes blocks, in restaurants and cafes, gardens, parks, seating areas and inflict inconveniences and harm by their presence.
Deratization is complex of measures directed at reduction of rodents' quantity that are dangerous in an epidemiology plan, on the objects of the different purposes.
Disinfection preventative disinfestation of shops, apartments, entrances of houses, enterprises with the large communicating of people, means of transport with the aim of elimination of viruses and microbions by an aerosol method.
Services provided in Ports
Coloration is a method of identification of bulk cargoes. Synthetic food dyes permitted for use in Ukraine are used for coloration of grain cargoes.
Fumigation is a process of dispense, keeping and disposal of toxic chemicals (fumigants) in gaseous state with the purpose of elimination of concrete pests in a product or storages.
Who we are?
"MARTLET" is a Fumigation Company that renders services of the disinfestation of industrial apartments and cargoes, storage and housing facilities from insects and rodents.

Long-term experience in the sphereof disinfestation gives an opportunity to conduct the estimation of degree of infection andchoose appropriate preparations for the achievement of the best result in a fighting against pests. We apply high-quality and effective preparations, and above all safe for people and animals.
The disinfestation is carried out on the basis of the conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological examination № 602-123-20-2/5 dd. 19.09.2016, and also within the framework of the accredited members of GAFTA, PAU and HACCP norms.
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Ksju Berdnik
Молодцы!!! Команда высококвалифицированных профессионалов!!! Успехов в развитии новых направлений!!
Mariya Saharova
Надежная и клиентоориентированная компания! Все работы выполняются на высоком профессиональном уровне и в срок!!!
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Огромное спасибо за партнёрство
и сотрудничество)))
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Актуально в условиях пандемии.
We are best cos we cooperate with the best
How much time does it take to carry out disinfection of an apartment?
All depends on the area of apartment and you previous preparation. Following all the recommendations
will allow carrying out the treatment for maximally short time.
What kind of preparations do you use for the destruction of insects in apartments?
Insecticides that is registered in Ukraine and intendent for the professional use.
When is it possible to do the wet cleaning in apartment after desinsection?
The wet cleaning is necessary to be carried out only those surfaces that habitants contact with.
How to prepare an apartment for the desinsection?
Before the beginning of treatment it is necessary to prepare the premises:

- to take away dishes and foodstuffs from the open surfaces into hermetic container and cupboard;

- to take away clothes and personal things;

- to take away personal cleansing from bathroom;

- to cover, preferably, all the furniture and home décor;

- to close windows thoroughly;

- if possible, to draw aside from walls large furniture and household appliances on 10-15cm.

Martlet is an operator that conduct fumigation of cargoes aboard the vessels in marine ports of Ukraine.

We set ourselves a task to organize of quality services in a sphere of disinfestation of agricultural products by the way of effective cooperation with all members of export process.

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